Case Study

Aspen Private Transport

Learn how a new services company used Google Ads to successfully launch their business with a return on investment of 500%.

The Problem

Aspen Private Transport was starting its first year of operations. The limo/private driving space in Aspen, Colorado is competitive with many players that have been in the market for years with established well-known brands. As a new business, Aspen Private Transport needed a way to enter the market with no name recognition or established relationships with local hotels and businesses.

The Solution

Aspen Private Transport looked to the search engines to
gain visibility. While SEO is part of their long-term strategy, Aspen Private Transport needed business quickly. Aspen Private Transport engaged webShine to run a targeted paid search campaign. The campaign focused on Google Search
and keywords related to Aspen transportation. In addition to responsive ads, the campaign included call ads. The campaign tracked when a visitor completed a contact form as well as calls from call ads and ad extensions on mobile devices.

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The paid search ads ran throughout the winter season. During this time, the campaign generated 47% of site traffic and 82% of the visitors from the campaign were new visitors. The campaign kept the phone ringing and had an outstanding 26% conversion rate. The average cost per conversion was $5.14.

“we’re thrilled with the results”

Being a new business, we were constrained by budget but knew we needed the phone to ring. Our first calls came in on day one of our Google Ads campaign. The paid search campaign helped get our business off the ground and made us competitive on day one.



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