Social Media

Why social media?

Build an audience, and engage with customers on social networks. webShine’s social media campaigns focus on paid social advertising and custom app creation in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. We complement your efforts to post relevant and timely social media messages with the powerful tools of paid social advertising. Consistently building your audience allows your social media efforts to grow along side your business.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Reach – Expand the reach of our social media campaign with the engine of paid social.
  • Targeting – Social media platforms include a wealth of demographic data on its members. Ability to target new customers via demographic parameters including age, geographic area, interests, employment history and more.
  • Overlap with SEO – The social web influences organic search results and we anticipate that this relationship between social and SEO will only continue to get stronger in the coming years.

Why webShine?

webShine employs the expertise of our core competency in pay per click advertising to the field of paid social. We utilize the same process of measuring, analyzing, and optimizing to ensure that every dollar is allocated effectively. Our team include in-house designers who create ads from scratch or complement existing ads from print or other media to ensure that your social media campaign includes the same branding and messaging as other initiatives.

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