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Project Description

Seattle Sailing Club is the premier sailing club on the Puget Sound, offering sailboat rentals, sailing lessons and team building events. Seattle Sailing Club offers sailboat rentals on all sizes of boats from sporty 24′ boats to 40′ cruisers! They also offer sailing lessons for beginning sailors and experts from ASA certified instructors. webShine is delighted to have been long term partners with Seattle Sailing via organic and paid search.


Project Details

Services – SEO, PPC
Industry – Yacht Club, Sailing, Outdoors, Retail


Search Engine Optimization


Seattle Sailing appreciates the need for the long term gains associated with SEO best practices. The keyword space is competitive as the Puget Sound area is filled with many high-quality sailing and yacht clubs. webShine uses a combination of technical SEO strategies, keyword best practices and content creation to ensure that Seattle Sailing Club performs well on the search engine results page.




Pay Per Click


Speed and data are two of the great benefits of paid search. Paid search delivers targeted, quality traffic to your website immediately. webShine couples our paid search campaigns with Google Analytics and uses this wealth of data to customize and optimize each campaign for Seattle Sailing Club. Our goal – maximize clicks, conversions, and profit while minimizing cost per click.



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