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Project Description

Nite Guard helps people deter predator and nuisance animals, like coyote, wild hogs, deer, and raccoons. They developed two products for this purpose ― Nite Guard Solar and Nite Guard Repellent Tape. The Nite Guard website is a hub for their online store, a community blog, and the Nite Guard blog. webShine works closely with the Nite Guard team to craft website content that’s comprehensive, fresh, helpful, and easily discoverable in the search engine results pages (SERPs). webShine also manages pay per click advertising for Nite Guard. The online Nite Guard community thrives as a result of these SEO and PPC efforts, as searcher after searcher continues to turn into a loyal customer and blog reader.

Project Details

Services – SEO, PPC
Industry – Retail, Local Businesses
Website –

Thank you for always being able to do the work we need online!! And at such a quality level. You really understand our product & what we want to communicate. Always appreciated!! Katie Berning

President, Nite Guard

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Search Engine Optimization

Keeping content fresh is key, which is why webShine updates Nite Guard’s website monthly with new and optimized content. Our search engine marketing focus is to position Nite Guard so they’re easily and quickly found by potential customers. webShine’s strategy leads to month-over-month and year-over-year increases in quality organic traffic.

Pay Per Click

Customers use Nite Guard’s products to deter a variety of predator animals, so Nite Guard relies on pay per click advertising to target customers by problem animal. webShine helps Nite Guard by creating PPC ads that speak to each audience, whether the target audience struggles with animals digging up their garden, or pesky creatures disturbing backyard chicken coops.

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