Google Grants

What is a Google Grant?

Google offers free online advertising for non profits via their Google Grants program. Organization accepted into the program receive $10,000 a month in in-kind advertising on

Benefits of a Google Grant

  • Free – All of the benefits of pay per click advertising without the “pay”.
  • Immediate – Instantly drive visitors to your website and generate new donors.
  • Results Oriented – Performance based management via Google Analytics tracking ensures that your grant dollars are allocated to keywords and a demographic that convert.
  • Control – Complete control over ad messaging, keyword list, geographic area and more.

Why webShine?

webShine specializes in pay per click advertising and loves to work with non profits. We apply for the grant on your behalf and offer discounted rates for the set up and ongoing campaign management required to maximize the value of the grant. We employ the same tactics for non profits as we do for all clients, (and understand Google’s guidelines for the Grant.) and also have the specialize expertise of working within the Google Grant’s guidelines which are unique to non profits such as the maximum cost per click limitation of $2. The webShine team includes Google AdWords certified experts including the author of “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords”, Lori Calcott. Our carefully crafted campaigns are results oriented, flawlessly executed and include clear communications throughout the process.

What’s required?

The Google Grant program is open to 501 C 3 organizations.

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