Q&A with webShine’s New Digital Marketing Manager Erik Wardell

Q&A with webShine’s New Digital Marketing Manager Erik Wardell

Our newest employee Erik Wardell is tasked with elevating the webShine brand and promoting our suite of internet marketing solutions. We asked him a few questions to help us, and you, get to know him better.

wS: What was it that made you want to work with webShine?
EW: Helping good people and companies succeed in the often confusing world of internet marketing seemed quite rewarding and has proven to be exactly that thus far.

wS: What is your favorite thing about living in the Roaring Fork Valley?
EW: I’m constantly blown away by the amazing sense of community in this place where I get to live, work and play.

wS: What are three books that have impacted your life?
EW: The Art Of Happiness, Let My People Go Surfing and Slaughterhouse Five.

wS: How about your favorite song?
EW: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. Even though I wasn’t alive when it came out, I still have a serious appreciation for that drum solo.

wS: If you could have a conversation with one living person, who would it be and why?
EW: I would love to chat with Elon Musk to dive deeper into his fear of AI and find out what the future of technology holds in store for us.

wS: What do you enjoy doing outside the office?
EW: I love to travel and getting to know the places and cultures I visit through photography. Those are two passions I look forward to exploring for the rest of my life.

wS: What’s one place you would like to visit that you have not?
EW: My dream trip is the Andaman Islands. It’s this chain of islands that belong to India, but are located off the coast of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea.

wS: Any parting thoughts?
EW: I’m excited about what the future holds in store for webShine and the role I get to play in it. Thanks for the opportunity!