The Google Partners Breakfast was a Rousing Success!

The Google Partners Breakfast was a Rousing Success!

We’d like to thank all who attended the Google Partners Breakfast this morning at the Aspen Square Hotel.

We learned about the “Path to Purchase” from Andrew Nelson and Rohit Adukia of Google. Lori Calcott, co-partner of webShine, spoke about the latest developments in Google AdWords. One recent exciting feature is the ability to upload client email addresses and target those customers through their Google accounts.

Lori Breakfast

Andrew asked us if we had Googled “What does Google know about me?” None of us had, but he explained that we can look at our Google interests and profile and correct them if necessary. A more accurate profile will show more relevant ads when doing a Google search.

If you’d like to hear about what’s new at Google, give us a call at  970.315.2157 or send an email.

It was great to meet all of you, enjoy breakfast and learn about the latest Google developments.