webShine Goes to Google!

webShine Goes to Google!

We are excited to announce that webShine was selected to participate in the 5th annual Google All-Stars Summit. As a selected agency in this program, we won a one-day trip the Google Headquarters in San Jose, California.

Although the trip was short, Google kept us busy. The day was filled with a variety of speakers focusing on optimization techniques, products updates, marketing theory and Google innovation philosophy. Of course, a trip to Google would not be complete without a tour of their amazing campus which includes everything from lap pools, hair salons and volleyball courts (they’re just missing a ski resort.) In true Google-style, they treated us to a party, complete with an adult bouncy house and local wine tasting.

Here are some of our favorite take aways:

  • We are in the “Participation Age” and are consumers are our best content creators. Engagement is extremely valuable. Aim to create content that is able to educate, entertain and inspire.
  • Moments marketing allows you to take advantage of micro-moments. Searches that include phrases such as “near me” and “near by” have doubled over the past year. Identifying your customers micro-moments then ensure you are there when they are searching.
  • Google’s 10X Innovation: Google believes that innovation can come from anywhere and encourage their employees to not only think out of the box but think big.

Google is committed to improving their Partners Program and webShine will continue to be an active member.  The All-Stars competition is on-going and our goal is earn enough new clients to participate in the summit again next year!

Lindsay at GoogleLori at Google